Pop, hot and haute culture around Seattle

The Trekker and his husband, Handsome Half, volunteered this past Saturday AM at the Public Library’s annual used book sale.

I don’t know how it is anywhere else, but I certainly saw a lot of book-lovers out there, shopping their brains out. I say, “book lovers” instead of “readers” because it’s an important difference. People are still reading, but these people were here for the books–not the Kindle or any other e-reader.

Not just we fuddy-duddies either, but all ages were there. I saw one mom sprawled on the floor, reading aloud to her children; I saw lots of children happily clutching Harry Potter hardbacks as though they were the most precious things in the world (and they were, to them). One woman told me that her daughter reads both books and e-books, but is very discriminating: if it sounds like a “read book” she’ll buy it. If it seems more lightweight, then she’ll download it.

You go, girl!!

Maybe that’s how all this will shake down, once e-reading settles down and its novelty wears off.

And we volunteers received a $6.00 credit as appreciation for our work. I used mine to buy three mysteries (‘cuz I’m writing one): one by Sue Grafton, D is for Deadbeat; one by Dick Francis, To the Hilt, and one by Beth Sherman (whom I’d never heard of), Dead Man’s Float. Then one I couldn’t resist, as a sci-fi geek: The Doors of His Face, The Lamp of His Mouth and Other Stories, by Roger Zelazny, a collection which also includes his other classic, A Rose for Ecclesiastes.

I have enough happiness to last me for a while.

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